Our Process

Our skilled installers adhere to the Ready Mixed Concrete Association of Ontario
(RMCAO) standards, getting your new Artivia installation right the first time!

Curious how Artevia Placing Services creates your new Artevia® driveway?
Here’s a simple guide of the 6 steps of a typical concrete application,
following RMCAO standards.


1. Determine the Required Thickness

  • Driveways installed by Artevia Placing Services will have five or six inches of concrete depending on your specific requirements, which an Artevia Placing Services representative can guide you on. We don’t place thinner concrete and the thickness is consistent throughout the slab – we don’t skimp in the centre!
  • Walkways or patios generally require a slightly thinner concrete (four or five inches) because they are subjected to lower loading weight.

2. Site Preparation

  • First, existing material is removed (if it’s in good condition it might be reusable in some circumstances). Then we re-grade and supply / compact new granular aggregate material. Next, the wood forms are positioned with stakes and concrete joints are marked on forms. Lastly, to complete the site preparation, Isolation strips are placed where needed.

3. Labour and Material

  • A small crew of two to five experienced workers is assigned to each site and the Artevia Concrete is delivered by a ready-mix truck. Concrete is unloaded into the forms (either directly, by wheelbarrow, or by shuttle-buggy). Then, the team begins moving the raw concrete into the spaces of the forms

4. Concrete Finishing

  • To get the concrete finished to a smooth surface, additional finishing techniques are applied to achieve specific finishes (exposed, stamped, broom-textured). Curing starts immediately and area should be protected for a minimum of seven days.

5. Sealing

  • Sealer is applied to entire surface after a suitable amount of drying time has elapsed. Deicers (i.e., salt) should not be applied until the concrete has gone through its first winter. (Do not use ammonium based deicers at any time.) Proper sealing and care will help to minimize maintenance requirements.

6. Completing the Process

  • The project is completed with strategically placed saw cuts that help minimize shrinkage cracking.
  • Artevia Placing Services rigorously follows RMCAO standards when placing and finishing all Artevia Concrete finishes. Placing concrete in cold weather should be avoided whenever possible.

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